The idea behind building a small, medium (or large business), or even a side hustle, isn’t complicated, but it can be overwhelming when things don’t go the way you think they’ll go, and with most SMEs, that’s most of the time.

But the truth is most small businesses miss the…

There is absolutely no doubt, that the statistics behind business planning (or lack of it) and those behind business failure rates, line up, almost perfectly.

  • Less than 17% of all businesses ever do any form of planning. …

There are many ways to attract clients and not everything is always about spending a fortune on marketing to get new customers, it could be just as simple as hanging onto the ones that might just walk in, first.

I went to a coffee networking morning this week. Always a great opportunity to meet other local business owners. The cafe was great, good coffee, the owner or manager weren’t available and so nothing was done to capture the market or build some relationships, that were right there.

There were…

Erwin Brem

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