A simple formula for business growth!

  • Why someone doesn’t walk in or click on.
  • Why the sales don’t grow.
  • Why customers don’t return after an inquiry or one off sale.
  • Why staff turnover too quickly.
  • Why a business turns too often to discounting to attract a customer.
  • Why there is no awareness of the business through little or no marketing.
  • Why 80% of businesses fail when we know that less than 17% plan.
  • And why there are so many results issues in regards to business growth because there are no management processes of staff or outcomes.
  • Have an overall understanding of what’s possible and whats needed.
  • Spend 30 minutes writing the simplest business plan around. The Mybusinesnow EzyPlan360 will do that.
  • Then skill up to focus each month on those eight key drivers that will grow your business. Focus on what’s needed, not what isn’t.
  • Monthly 90 minute live group workshops, focused on one key business driver a month.
  • We go through an initial discovery, review and EzyPlan process
  • Ongoing monthly support, structure and action checklist/best practice processes so you know exactly what to do.
  • Connect and promote your business to other members and attract even more business.



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Erwin Brem

Erwin Brem

MyBusinessNow. Real business growth. It doesn't have to be complicated.