Change your habits, change your business.

There’s been an interesting series of ads running across our TV screens recently that are vague about what the business does. Designed to make you google them and then for ever and a day be remarketed too. (So I didn’t!)

But the idea of their slogan I liked, and thought it’s exactly what business owners need. Change your habits, change you business.

Without doubt, we aren’t through whatever it is where going through right now and businesses will continue to struggle until there is a clear way out and people and business owners, again have confidence in moving forward.

I don’t know whether it’s the ongoing uncertainty, or the start of a new year, but I’ve had a couple of enquiries over the last two weeks about business planning and how we can help. But if it’s just writing a business plan and hoping that everything will be different and businesses grow again, then that’s just like sticking a picture of a Porsche on your fridge and hoping it will manifest in your driveway. It won’t. There are two important parts here.

1: The right way to do a plan is to not just write out a list of things you want to achieve in business. That’s not a bad place to start, because less than 17% of business owners even do that. But it’s also about a review of what you do now, a strategy of what needs to be done now and a process to manage it.

2: The second part though is the key. It’s all about a change in mind set. It’s all about fundamentally understanding that in order to get a better or different result, you need to do something different. Whether that be skills, they way you are, the way your team are, the marketing, the delivery, every aspect needs to probably change to some degree, otherwise you end up with the same result.

If you dramatically change the marketing, spend loads more, yet don’t change the service, or delivery from your team, you might make one sale, but there’s a good chance they won’t be back.

Over the last twelve months, the words pivot, change and adapt keep coming up again and again, but if all we did was got better, including identifying the opportunities that could in fact protect us from just about anything, (and how we do that) including a pandemic so that our businesses moved foward, everything would be different. But most businesses don’t and hence they keep getting the same result, and twelve months later, with the same uncertainty, nothing has changed.

In order to really grow a business in any economy or economic situation, it’s about ThinkingBusinessGrowth, not just lets keep doing the same thing over and over again and that will probably take a better plan, a better skill set, a change in attitudes of the entire team and a way that a business attracts customers better, easier, more often, that spend more and stay longer.

We’re going to be running a series of ReThinkBusinessGrowth events to help you and your business change some of those habits and then change the business into what you want this year, over February and March. If you’d like to know more or be part of them, just email me at details will be on Eventbrite soon.


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