Get your internal marketing right first, then work on external and online next.

There are many ways to attract clients and not everything is always about spending a fortune on marketing to get new customers, it could be just as simple as hanging onto the ones that might just walk in, first.

I went to a coffee networking morning this week. Always a great opportunity to meet other local business owners. The cafe was great, good coffee, the owner or manager weren’t available and so nothing was done to capture the market or build some relationships, that were right there.

There were around 30 business owners present, that bought their coffee, mingled outside and left. So here’s a common sense tip. How do you hang onto 30 new business customers that might also refer many others? Simple, be there, collect their data, (or make sure someone does) offer a simple incentive to come back (a free coffee card) and then stay in touch. It’s not rocket science.

There’s hundreds of places to get a coffee these days, and people want a relationship, but in most cases, they just don’t get it. If you want to know how to grow your client base that sticks, just do what the others don’t and often that’s as simple as getting the internal marketing right first. Try it, it works!

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