Getting a business going, (not just started)! Because at some point you need to sell something!

There are a heap of things that need to be done, in the process of starting a business.

  • The idea, get clear on what it is you do.
  • The correct business structure
  • Legals, finance
  • Don’t forget the logo!
  • And the business and financial plans

But at some point, you need to sell something to someone! So where do you start? Anywhere, just get going, and keep track of what works and what doesn’t!

There are plenty of ways to attract attention, find customers and in general, market your business. So what works for a particular business? Well the short answer is that it all works, but some, work better than others!

  • Build a database, then stay in touch. Email, phone!
  • Online, social media, website, organic, paid. Posting daily is now the norm. Share to groups.
  • Print advertising, local, association and industry magazines. (Business card!!)
  • Expos, markets, business displays. Pop up stands.
  • Networking, Keynote presentations.
  • Direct sales, B2B, B2C
  • Partnerships
  • Introductory events, free offers, trials.
  • Giveaway promotional material, flyers, brochures, magazines, books
  • Podcasts, video (Utube)

What’s your target market, where are they, where do they hang out and how do you get in touch with them? What you do to grab attention, get their interest, ask for more information and then get them to say yes? Every contact point from awareness, to repeat purchase, (and everything in between) is a structured, measurable, repeatable, process.

The key is the point of difference. If you don’t have one, you only compete on price. What’s the problem you solve, why should someone pick you, over something or someone else. Let’s face it, there’s plenty of competition in everything everywhere. If you can define that clearly and quickly, (your elevator pitch) you’ve got something to talk about.

Proof is a key. How can someone know that what you offer and do, will actually happen, if they buy it. How can they get proof? Does that come via a free trial, testimonials, case studies, stories, can they actually see and experience it somewhere or from someone. Everyone’s reviewing everything, (even though most is wrong!!) but we still look right.

Something massively different, never before seen, or offered. The product itself, or the way it’s delivered. What does it take?

Selling one of something, isn’t difficult, just about anyone can do it. But selling a lot of something, at a reasonable profit, and keep doing it over and over again and growing a business, is a different thing altogether! That takes a strategy, it takes trial and error, test and measure, to find out not only what works, but what works best. How do you get the best return on marketing (whether it’s time or money) and can it be replicated, and scaled?

The secret though is try it all, in a structure process, and get started now! Don’t delay. If they’re are gaps in skills, get trained, or find someone else to do it, but at some point, everyone in business needs to at least have the basics in everything, but you certainly need to b able to sell. (Get that elevator pitch sorted!)

Sales and marketing is a numbers game. Regardless of what it is. If you talk to a certain number of people, some of them at some point, someone will say yes. If that results in one client and you want ten. Just do ten times as much!

There’s nothing complicated about business, or business growth, but at some point, you have to talk to people, or spend time and/or money on something, or someone. If you want business growth, you just have to do it.

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