How do you make social media work? Here are 4 ideas that you should at least try and maximise before you get to bogged down.

  • Posts get to around 1% of the of your target audience but it could actually be as low as .2% (yes that’s right, 0.2%) regardless of whether it’s your own community of followers, or a paid audience. Facebook controls what goes out, who sees it through engagement but there’s also just too much to see, so it’s all about paying.
  • Facebook are in total control, what goes out, who it goes to and even if it goes out at all. They can shut you down, stop your posts dependant on the content, heading, image and much more.
  • Let’s say you actually get an add loaded, you then pick a target audience. You think, lets target tennis players (you sell tennis racquets) so you pick people that like tennis and the number is in the millions. That’s because it’s not just tennis players, but everyone that at some point have looked or engaged with a picture of Roger Federer! (Or similar) Target audiences are based on generic interest or likes, not always on actual. (I play tennis!)
  1. Get used to organic posting. You don’t need to spend all day. One post a day is a good start. Experiment with images, content, video, try different things. But make it valuable, there’s just too much “stuff that just clogs it all up” that has no value at all. So much is about engagement. But at the end of the day, who cares if you have 1000 followers and they all like your images, if no one actually buys anything. If they buy as a result, keep going.
  2. Critically important is getting everything else right, before the social media. Does the website work, can you collect data, is everything there that someone would need to easily engage with you?
  3. Is the back end, the lead conversion process, right? It’s great to have leads, but if you can’t covert, don’t bother with the leads.
  4. Collect data, not just on your Facebook page. If someone buys, ensure the data is backed up in a secondary way through a CRM so that even if Facebook shuts down, or shuts you down, you still have data to keep marketing. The data is also important about ROI on leads. How many, where they come from and the results. What happens to the ones that say no?
  • Get your brand and image right
  • Make sure you can be found
  • Get the back-end conversion process right
  • Test and measure marketing. Don’t rely on one arm only, develop ten marketing arms.
  • Collect and undertaken data.



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