If there’s ever been a time for business reflection, it’s got to be now right?

  • Being really clear about where your going. Plan, objectives, opportunities, and strategy changes.
  • Service experience is everything right now. You have an opportunity to grab that client and keep them for the long term if you do the right thing now.
  • Sales are out there, you just need to know where. There are companies doing their own telemarketing to get the ball rolling, what could you do?
  • Staff up skilling. With JobSeeker, staff costs could be covered, get them skilled ready for when the button is pushed again, underskilled staff is one of the key reasons customers leave to go elsewhere.
  • Products, services and opportunities are changing and will continue to change, even when we get back to normality. Adapt is a word I’m hearing more and more. Just get ready.
  • Don’t stop marketing. Do everything possible to let clients know your going to work through this, and will there for them bigger and better again.
  • And this is the time to ensure the objective is clear, plan, strategise and manage the process. Don’t drop the ball now! Are we going to be on track?



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Erwin Brem

Erwin Brem

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