Image, brand, profile aren’t everything, but they are important! So do something that makes you standout!

We live in a world of researching and googling everything before we buy! Facebook recommendations, Google reviews, if you don’t have some kind of online (or print) profile, it’s certainly makes it harder to get anything moving, let alone started.

I’m amazed at how many businesses and mainly micro to small, have virtually nothing to show someone if they’re interested, or they’ve approached someone about their product or service. Even the absolute bare minimum of a Facebook page, gets missed. Hey just start posting what you do and how it benefits and throw in a few pictures on and it’s a start!

The cost of building an online profile these days is virtually zero.
Basic webpages. Even a domain can be under $20 a year and a basic website that you build yourself around $100
Linkedin, Instagram, all free
What about design. Do it yourself using Canva. Free!
Then get some cards and flyers done for maybe $100.
It just doesn’t cost that much, but without it, it could cost you jobs, new customers, and ongoing business.

Regardless of whether your old school, or new school, you like Facebook or are anti it. You need to do what and be on, what your customers are using.

I’m a true believer of using local wherever possible, so will do anything to support local graphic designers, local printers, local online marketing support, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. So shop around.

Ongoing relationship with prospects and customers is so important too. Start building the database and keep in touch. There are so many simple and easy to use platforms, that are free for small businesses under certain use limits. But remember it’s not just about flooding people with one email after another, pickup the phone and talk to people. Get a little old fashioned.

There’s nothing really complicated about small business, getting it to be a bigger business is a bit different. But get the basics of your brand, image, marketing and customer relationship management right, and it’s a lot easier. Especially from the get go! Just get started, its not complicated!

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