Planning is key but reviewing it is even more important to business success.

  • The one page document. (Mybusinessnow EzyPlan360)
  • Multi page, a little more detail but still a simple plan.
  • And full blown, the type a bank or potential investor needs.
  • Review: where is the business now, sales, key accounts, and turnover.
  • Potential: what could the business do if it ran at 100%
  • Review the key business drivers: Rate each driver as it is now.
  • Image
  • Sales growth
  • Service experience
  • Staff skills
  • Product innovation
  • Marketing. (To make it simple, this could in fact become the marketing plan or build a separate one page marketing plan from the EzyPlan framework.)
  • Management.
  • Identify what needs to change to get to where you want to go. Eg, we need to make ten sales/new clients a month. That will take two sales people, trained and managed well and we will get that result.
  • Changes needed, review again what needs to happen in each key driver to get the result needed.
  • Review points: where will we be, what sales/income are expected in 3, 6 , 9 and 12 months.
  • Skills and training review. What skills does everyone in the team need to grow with the business to get the results needed?



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Erwin Brem

Erwin Brem

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