Staff. Support and they grow, don’t and they go!

Staff. Support and they grow, don’t and they go!

Staff and the way they’re supported is critical to their success, neglect that and you’re probably losing at least 50% additional income, just by them not caring about doing their job as well as possible.

This week, I’ve had three examples of people I know, long term staff leaving an employer, because they’d just had enough! In all cases they loved their job, but continued to be disappointed in the lack of support and acknowledgment, their managers, bosses or owners, gave them.

There’s no doubt, the single biggest challenge that most business have, that employ people, is, the people, and the answer as to why is simple. They do next to nothing, if not nothing, to develop and support those people. No support, nothing, verses, the right onboarding and welcome to the team, makes a huge long term difference.

Over the last few years in particular, every time I’ve encountered someone that grumbles about staff, I ask the same question. Do you onboard new people, conduct regular training, manage, support and recognise your team, and in almost all answers it’s, “we just don’t have time”. Well the truth is you don’t have time not to, because if you don’t, that revolving door, lost skills, lost product and business knowledge (not too mention lost income) has to be rebuilt with someone new, every time.

Here’s the really simply solution. Change! Change the way you onboard, conduct at least weekly training meetings, monthly sit down reviews and manage the results you get, and then recognise their achievements, if they need to be recognised.

The simple act of welcoming new staff, even before they start, followed by the the corect onboarding and initial training sounds so basic, but just all too often missed and business owners wonder why their staff leave so quickly.

You won’t save all staff, but you will save the ones that matter and the result is businesses grow.

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