Uncomplicating your business and growing!

  • What do you want your business to do and to achieve? Where do you see it going? How much money does it need to make?
  • What has it done to date?
  • What’s the potential of the industry? Is the product needed, is there a demand?
  • How do you compare to other local or not so local competitors?
  • If everything was perfect (ie. you had clients in every hour, your machines were turning 24 hours a day, all your staff were flat out) what would the business look like, what could the turnover and profit be?
  • So what’s stopping it, or you?
  • 1: Finding new customer isn’t that hard to do, but it won’t happen if you sit behind the counter and wait for people to walk in. You have to go out and get them, unless you’re about to spend a fortune on advertising and social media marketing. It’s numbers though, not everyone will say yes. So step one is understating that and knowing what your number is. Let’s say it takes ten contacts or appointments to get one new customer. If that’s true and you need or want two new customers a week, then all you need to do is get in front of ten people every week, any less and you won’t hit your target. So now that you know that, you simply manage the process, ensure that your sales people do the ten appointments a week and you will get the result you want. Simple and not complicated.
  • 2: Hold onto the customers you have. In order to do that, common sense tells us we need to service them well, if you don’t service them, or don’t service them well, they eventually go elsewhere, no matter how good your product is. Service them, build relationships, get them spending more, more often and referring others, again simple and not complicated.
  • Yesterday/history: what has the business done till now, monthly, yearly income?
  • Potential: what would be possible if we ran at 100%, whatever that would mean?
  • Actual: what is the current monthly average income?
  • Lost potential: what’s the difference between potential and actual, current possible lost sales?
  • Tomorrow: what do you want and need from the business, today and in the future?
  • Changes: what needs to change, in order to get the growth you need.
  • We need a sales growth strategy, that incorporates how the sales will be made.
  • We need a service strategy, that ensures every client comes back, spends more and refers others.
  • We need an image strategy that ensure people can find us, we stand out and even want to walk in, if not it needs changing
  • And given more, that all help toward the ongoing growth of any business.



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Erwin Brem

Erwin Brem

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